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Aug 22, 2009 10:30am EDT
combat? >> to use an analogy, even the fire department can do that. very few women can lift a 200 pound woman or man down six stairs. but they often become firefighters or whatever you want to call it -- >> bonnie: i don't know ifettes as low as 3%. >> you don't see, that many women, that's physically intense. a lot of jobs have changed because of technology. whether it is the short range missiles or long range missiles, women can carry those but not on the same as the front lines caying the 50-pound paks packs. >> a general was quoted as saying, women he didn't think could carry those packs and walk for miles. but he said he saw them every day and they carried them as well -- >> bonnie: carrie. >> -- cari. >> women end up being pregnant and sexually abused. they can't absorb all of this -- look at the consequences. >> i want to answer to something that cari said that's very important. women are in the battle front. when they are joining the military, they know they're going to iraq and afghanistan. all this is going to do is give them equal opportunity. they're as at risk as men are, t
Aug 30, 2009 7:00am EDT
way it's covered is completely different. >> give an example. >> when robert byrd used the word a few years ago, former grand which sar of the kkk, that was dismissed. but when trent lott made a comment about strom thurmond 40 years ago, he had to resign his post as majority leader. so, i mean, there's certainly a double standard, but what else is going on here is i agree with karen that the country is becoming actually more racially hypersensitive than before as opposed to obama's presidency transcending race. i think it's become even more racially divisive, not necessarily because of what republicans are doing but because of what barack obama is doing and the people he surrounded himself with and the people he's put in very prominent positions, and what they want to do with race-based policies in this country doesn't sit very well with the average white american and understandably. >> for goodness sake, are we going to blame the victim? >> seriously, irene, i remember wondering when he was running for the nomination thinking, is america ready for this, and will there be a backlash?
Aug 8, 2009 10:30am EDT
growth manifests itself more in terms of things like traffic, and endangered species, and land-use issues. but there's a lot of business interest that make a lot of money on population growth. >> bonnie: 1998 was a watershed year for this changed approach to the environment, as two major environmental groups also erupted in a highly public battle over u.s. population. after more than two decades of dwindling interest, many of the old environmental guard from the '70s openly challened the national leadership of the sierra club and zero population growth. the old guard tried to put u.s. population stabilization, and the reduction in immigration levels it entailed, back on the agenda. the sierra club and zpg, now called the population connection, both outspoken in the 1970s on the urgency that u.s. stabilization, each had changed their policies in the two years prior to 1998 to dissociate themselves from this cause. >> the environmental problem grew feathers and started clucking around the political arena, and instead of choosing the path of least resistance, which it's much easier to
Jul 31, 2009 8:30pm EDT
states first? i think that's why this has turned into what it has turned into. >> most of us would have defended our friend. maybe nobody would call upon lynn sweet to answer a question again at the end of his health care press conference. >> bonnie: is there a pulitzer prize for presidential questions? [ laughter ] >> i think any one of us would have defended our friends. and if he deposited -- >> bonnie: let me ask you this: how come this whole thing is focused on race instead of class? to me, it's historic in that it may -- it's certainly the first time of lower or lower middle income white man, much less educated than professor gates, certainly not ivy league, certainly not wealthy, certainly not a globe trotter, the morning back from his trim to chihina. why are we looking at it i as a class issue? >> the first time i was in washington, nobody knew me, i had signs on my door twice, get out and burn down. nobody knew me. i didn't have time to create enemies in a neighborhood. i looked like this, my husband is white, the babysitter is black. race is a factor. you can't be thinking cl
Aug 16, 2009 7:00am EDT
the plan. but republicans are using public angst over democratic health care proposals to their advantage. the national republican campaign committee is gearing up to run tv and radio commercials 'til the end of this month targeting vulnerable democrats who'll be running for reelection next year. >>> so congresswoman norton, will these town hall protesters kill health care reform? >> i don't think so, bonnie. but republican put up jobs aside and there are plenty of those out there, there also are serious people with serious issues. and members ignore them at their peril. >> vocal critics are going to enhance the process of a reasonable health care reform, versus killing. >> i think if protesters go too far, for example the guy who showed up with the gun at the obama health care meeting, they do real damage to their own cause, and that's what i think may happen in the long run. >> i think they might stop obama care in its current form but i'm hopeful that they're going to redirect the conversation we're going to have about health care in this 61. >> bonnie: redirect it how? >> i
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)